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    {START HERE} Welcome to the Stop. Dieting. Forever Weight Loss Program

    • Welcome!

    • Living the LUXE Life

    • Get Started Guide: the DAILY planner

    • PAUSE EP. 12 How to make your Identity Statement work for you

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    the DAILY planner

    • the DAILY planner | 2021 Q3

    • Feelings List

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    Create Your Eating Plan

    • Module Presentation

    • How to Create Your Own Eating Plan - Worksheet

    • Module 1.5 The SDF Accelerated Eating Plan

    • 39 SDF Eating Formula Friendly Recipes

    • 21 SDF Eating Formula Breakfast Recipes

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    How to Self-Coach

    • How to Self-Coach

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    What You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

    • Intermittent Fasting - Yay or Nay?

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    Introduction to Intermittent Fasting | The Quarantine 15 30-Day Challenge

    • Quarantine 15 Challenge -- Intro to Intermittent Fasting PDF

    • {Q15} Kick-off

    • {Q15} Week Two

    • {Q15} Week Three

    • {Q15} Week Four

    • {Q15} Week Five

    • Intro to Intermittent Fasting

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    How To Do an End of the Month Assessment

    • How to Do an End of the Month Assessment

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    Eating During the Holidays

    • Create Your Own Holiday Game Plan for Weight

  • 9

    Eating During Social Events

    • Your Social Event Game Plan

  • 10

    Eradicate the Habit of Shame and Guilt

    • Eradicate the Habit of Shame and Guilt

  • 11

    Improve Your Time Management with Scheduling Success

    • Scheduling Success

  • 12

    How to Stop Procrastinating

    • How to Stop Procrastinating

  • 13

    How to Love Your Body While You Lose Weight

    • How to Love Your Body While You Lose Weight

  • 14

    15 Ways to Celebrate Without Eating

    • 15 Ways to Celebrate Without Eating

    • {DIGITAL GUIDE} 15 Ways to Celebrate without Eating

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    {BONUS} The LUXE List - My Favorite Things

    • Jennifer's Favorite Things

    • Collagen Latte Recipe

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    {BONUS} Group Coaching Call Recordings

    • 08.09.18 Are you in a constant state of giving up?

    • 08.22.18 Open Coaching

    • 09.05.18 How to use TFAs for other areas in your life outside of your weight

    • 09.20.18 Getting ish done

    • 10.10.18 An Advanced Strategy for Weight Loss

    • 10.25.18 How to Make a Decision

    • 11.07.18 Create Your Holiday Weight Loss Plan

    • 11.21.18 Create your Thanksgiving Day game plan

    • 12.05.18 Avoid Eating Caused by Stress and Overwhelm

    • 12.19.18 Success Story! An interview with LUXE Lady, Jade

    • 01.02.19 Create the Life (and Weight) You Want in 2019

    • 01.16.19 How to Stop the Cycle of Quitting

    • 01.30.19 Breaking Down the Cycle of a Craving

    • 02.16.19 Cognitive Dissonance: What it is and How it Keeps You Overweight

    • 02.27.19 How to FEEL Better

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    Scheduling Success: How to Get It Done

    • Scheduling Success: How to Get It Done

About Your Instructor

Life Coach and Creator of the Stop. Dieting. Forever. ™ formula

Jennifer Dent Brown

Jennifer is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach where she received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Jennifer has studied more than 100 dietary theories and a variety of coaching methods and has learned under some of the world's top health and wellness experts including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard University, Dr. David Katz of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, bestselling author Geneen Roth and countless others. In working with hundreds of clients, she created the Stop. Dieting. Forever. ™ formula that teaches women how to get off of the diet roller coaster for good through a series of practical steps and a shift in mindset. Through her company, LUXE Life Coaching, LLC, she offers extraordinary women customized lifestyle programs, education, and the support they need to give them a clear path to more energy, more vitality, more life success, and a smaller waist!